Wireless solutions for your sport

Photocells, timers, display boards, cases and more.


Long optical range

More than 100 meters range, Very easy to align. Inmune to rain, snow, and sunlight (even at 100 meters). Excellent for rafting competitions. 

Enduro solution

Affordable solution, wired or wireless

Complete solution for equestrian show jumping

Special version with extended wireless range, giant display boards and specific timer.

Bluetooth photocells

Connect the photocells directly to your phone, tablet, iphone, ipad or laptop. No more cables.

Fully integrated with top timing software

This hardware works great with CRONOMETRAJEINSTANTANEO and WEBSCORER timing software. You can connect the bluetooth photocell to your phone, tablet, ipad, iphone or laptop:

  • Watch your times on your phone in real time.
  • Manage the inscriptions.
  • Publish the results on the web
  • Adaptable to all kind of sports.